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Black Friday has traditionally been the start of major holiday buying but it has crept into what some now call Gray Thursday – Thanksgiving Day. Did you shop in-person or online on Thanksgiving? If you did, you joined 28% of all American shoppers who shopped before midnight Thu. Over the entire weekend, three-quarters of all Americans – men, women & children, young and old – shopped. Holy Kris Kringle! Read more about it here.
Shopping has become a blood sport in American culture where people vie for the best deals, scramble for the hottest products and scheme to “win” at shopping. Can you image anyone going to such lengths 30 years ago?
Throughout the year, displays and fixtures silently but effectively present products and services that shoppers may consider for purchase. During the holiday season, though, retailers and brand marketers turn to megaphones – TV & radio ads, print campaigns, email blasts, online pop-up ads – to get our attention and possibly win our wallets in spite of knowing that 70% of all purchase decisions are made in-store.
Not unlike the recently-ended political season, I hear people wishing for more civility, lower stress and less strident communications. But, just like politicians, marketers know: noise works. And, as long as we respond to that noise and vote with our dollars, we’ll keep getting it.