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Holiday In-Store Shopping 2021

Holiday Shopping In 2021: Short Supply And High Demand

Throughout the pandemic, Tusco Display has been focused on maintaining operations while keeping our teams safe despite uncertainty. Now, over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we can look forward to the end of 2021 looking a lot more “normal.”

With domestic travel restrictions lifted, vaccinations more accessible and more available knowledge about the disease, families are eagerly planning their holiday get-togethers.

Consumer confidence may be growing around mitigating COVID-19 and the delta variant’s effects, but one issue still may delay the holiday cheer – broken supply chains.

Delta’s Impact On In-Store Stock

Recently, the delta variant has forced a two-week shutdown of a terminal in one of China’s busiest ports and one-third of Vietnam’s garment and textile factories have halted operations entirely. We’ve heard this often recently: product is being made, it’s ready to sell (or already ordered!)…but it’s stalled on ships.

The sales numbers are beginning to reflect this – and the trend is likely to continue into the holiday season. Retail sales were down July, affecting the clothing, automotive and furniture industries as the variant’s effects spread shortages for both labor and key manufacturing components.

Supply Shortage Impacts In-Store Consumer Behavior

For American retailers, empty shelves and delayed shipments pose a difficult situation. How can they keep product cost competitive, fight for their shipments and retain customers? As we mentioned, families are looking forward to the holiday season and the connectedness it’s sure to bring – but they’re also aware that early holiday shopping isn’t just a choice for the proactive shopper this year. If they want their gifts ready for the holidays, their purchases are starting now.

The Brands Who Win Help Customers Get Ahead Of the Stress

Most retailers have their holiday planning efforts planned for 2021, and no doubt this shift in the consumer journey is changing the strategy for consumers’ in-store shopping experience. How can you help the usually last-minute shoppers put on their gift-giving caps a little earlier this year?

Helping customers check off a to-do item that wasn’t even on their initial list goes a long way in building trust, especially during a time when brands find themselves accidentally disappointing more than they’re used to.

Holiday in-store shopping is often in lock-step with new foot traffic patterns. If today’s topic was interesting to you, you might also like our recent article about consumers’ wayfinding expectations in 2021.