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Gotta Get it Right In-Store

For 2018, US retail sales saw a 15% increase in online purchases and five percent growth for in-store sales, too. That’s good news for companies selling to consumers and a sign of a healthy economy. As population and average incomes grow, so does the consumer economy.

Study after study show that 80%+ of American shoppers pre-shop on their devices for significant purchases. They do their homework online to check prices, options and product availability and then plan their visit, e.g., “I’ll swing by the store on my way home from work.” If it’s a larger, bulkier product, they may need to plan even what vehicle to use to bring the product home. According to a recent Salesforce study, 71% of shoppers want to leave the store with their product, not wait to have it delivered.

Whether a brand or a retailer, marketers must make sure that they get it right online if they expect to make a sale. Flub the smartphone experience and the shopper may never even go to the store. Assuming that the first moment of truth passes muster, the second moment of truth comes when the shopper enters the store.

Brands and retailers must get it right at the physical point of purchase. The best ones invest strategically to insure a seamless, pleasant and efficient experience. They make sure that the shopper can find them. Shoppers are making fewer trips and spending less time in-store. Cost and convenience are twin concerns for the average shopper. With most households dual income, there’s precious little time to window shop. If the in-store experience disappoints – parking hassles, product not in stock, difficult to find product, hard to navigate aisles, unhelpful associates, unpleasant environment – then the retailer may never win back the shopper.

With 90% of all purchase dollars still spent in a brick-and-mortar store, in-store displays aren’t the only success factor for brands and retailers but they remain one of the key ones.