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Each adult American knows, on average, 600 people, Andrew Gelman of Columbia University writes in The New York Times. The estimate is based on an ingenious method: Asking a sample of individuals how many people they know with a variety of memorable names such as Brenda and Keith (because people with such names are easily recalled), then factoring in the prevalence of those names in U.S. society. Despite the large number of acquaintances, Gelman says, most Americans know just 10 to 25 people well enough to trust them. Source: The Average American Knows How Many People?
How many BRANDS do you count as friends? Jeep? Nike? Fruit of the Loom? Ford? Starbucks? LL Bean? Kelloggs? Zappos? You may be familiar with dozens – even hundreds – of brands. How many do you really trust?
One of the ways we develop brand trust is similar to the way in which we develop trust in friends: we put them to the test. How do they wear? How do they hold up under duress? How much can I rely on them? How do they make me feel?
Whether we’re going with a tried-and-true product or something completely new, the point of purchase interaction is a key one for shoppers. It’s often a key first step toward establishing brand trust.