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Few of us would purposely skip a meal, let alone fast for an entire day.We need to be fed to function.The same logic applies to our minds.

During a recent meeting with our sales team, I asked them to consider what they feed their heads. Are you feeding yourself information to enhance the value you deliver to your clients? Are you continually learning what’s new, what’s relevant and what’s changing in our industry? Are you stoking your curiosity and starving complacency? Are you paying attention to what’s affecting your clients, prospects and competitors? What are you reading, watching and hearing?

Just as you know that a diet of Twinkies, cookies and energy drinks isn’t good for you, consider the quality and variety of what you feed your mind. Watching sports or sitcoms, reading comic books or People and listening to music are all innocent diversions but don’t consume those things to the exclusion of meatier, more nutritious fare.

Learn. Grow. Improve. What you feed your head becomes the fuel that propels your career and your life. The right diet makes all the difference.