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Essential Businesses & Needs During COVID-19

With COVID-19 top of mind for Americans and others around the world, retail has shifted from in-store to online, for everything outside of essential needs. But what is an essential need? Businesses are being shuttered by state and local governments based on the Department of Homeland Security’s definition of an essential business. Grocery stores, health care, law enforcement and financial services are entities that immediately come to mind. These pieces of our daily lives all rely on different support organizations, such as manufacturing and agriculture to continue to operate.

It’s hard to take into consideration all the levels that go into supporting an essential business and filling the essential needs of the general public. At first glance, a business may seem non-essential, while they are directly keeping the essential businesses operational. Without that backend support, could we see grocery stores or gas stations closed during this time? Each piece of the puzzle is needed to continue operations for the most basic and critical needs of citizens.

Life is still happening, even while businesses are shuttered. People are buying and selling homes, making the ability to purchase appliances an essential need for some. Recently, a local area was inundated by bad weather that included a tornado. The individuals impacted certainly have essential needs, more than just groceries or healthcare, that must be met as they recover. As an example, some of these consumers may need to visit a garden center to shore up issues with landscaping that were damaged in the recent storm.

Essential needs will continue to be met throughout these stay home and stay safe orders, and those supporting businesses that make sure items are transported where they need to go and then are displayed for purchase will continue to serve.