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Consider what the your body does in an average 24-hour period: Your heart beats 100,689 times. Your blood travels 168 million miles. You take a breath 23,040 times, inhaling 438 cubic feet of air. You eat more than three pounds of food, drink about three quarts of liquids and lose almost a pound of waste. You speak 25,000 words. You move 750 muscles. Your nails grow .000046 of an inch, your hair .01714 inch. You exercise seven million brain cells.

And you wonder why you feel tired sometimes?

In-store marketing fixtures grow weary over time, too. Just as surely as your body’s working, so do those displays, those endcaps, those power wings and POS signs. They get thumped by carts, scraped by products, worn by cleaning, and faded by UV light but still they soldier on, communicating with any passerby.

When they start to look tired, it’s time for a refreshing. It might be a new sign, replacement of parts or the complete replacement of the unit. Displays and fixtures work hard. Keeping them looking their best requires investment but it’s money well-spent.