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Elevating Window & Door Displays for DIYers

Custom Displays Attract the Audience You Want

Different products have different audiences, so a unique, custom display is a driving factor in reaching your target market. Separating yourself from a generic display with a more engaging display can generate a sale that may have otherwise gone to a competitor. Custom displays appeal to your company’s target audience and give your products the extra touch that exemplifies your brand.

Displays That Captivate DIY Customers

When displaying a door or window product, you want the buyer to imagine it as if it is in their own home, especially for DIY customers. Lighting and staging, along with a hands-on experience, are all important components to drive home a sale. As the world continues to reopen, enabling DIY shoppers to touch, feel and experience products in person is essential.

Displaying Doors to Get DIY Buyers Knocking

With a custom display, your customers can see exactly how the product works. A door display that allows the buyer to twist the knob, swing the door open, and see the window illuminate from behind will give them the full experience of how the door will feel, look and function. Customers appreciate leaving the store and knowing exactly what will be in their home. This is the blueprint for an in-store purchase or product research that turns into an online sale.

Window Displays With Picture-Perfect Looks

Displays for DIY customers can make or break a sale, and this most certainly includes window displays. Similar to door displays, using lighting that mimics real life helps shoppers envision what the windows will look like in their homes, creating a better customer experience. Additionally, DIYers shop for quality; they are using your in-store displays to make sure they’re getting the greatest value. Creating this interactive experience is way better than simply looking at a generic product image or display, and will build trust with your DIY audience.

Displays As Tough As Your Doors And Windows

You need displays that give customers confidence in your product – and displays that stand up to the test of time. Explore custom display options for windows and doors to ensure the best experience for your customer with durable, long-lasting fixtures. Contact us here!