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So, 2012 will be the Year of Customer Satisfaction. According to a recent survey, retailers are determined to invest in the latest “widgets, gadgets and advanced links” to woo and soothe their customers. Read some highlights here.

I don’t believe it. Neither should you.
Technology investments are vital. Online and m-commerce initiatives are important. But making the store environment cleaner, less cluttered, easier to navigate, properly staffed, comfortable and filled with the right products attractively displayed should be THE priority if shoppers are indeed the #1 priority. Who’s watching the store?
Executing at the in-store level – where an average of 70% of actual purchase decisions are made – needs more attention. For most retailers, however, it’s a zero-sum game: money and attention spent here won’t be spent there. Diverting attention to the detriment of the store environment hurts the customer shopping experience. And that’s bad business for any retailer.