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Culture of Urgency

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Tusco Display is our nimbleness. What does this mean though? This is not about wild, out-of-control speed which harms our ability to be a reliable partner for our clients. Instead, the goal = speed + results. We have a strong sense of urgency about getting the most important things done immediately.

A recent example is a client who contacted us on one day and visited us from out of state the next day. We engineered a solution for them overnight and they ordered a prototype two days later. We built, tested, personally delivered and installed the solution – it involved steel tubing, wire, acrylic and sheet metal – within days.

Having the right equipment, capacity and processes (e.g., lasercutting, CNC routing, powdercoating, tube forming) allowed us to respond nimbly. But it’s more than that. At Tusco, we understand our client’s urgency and we take it on as our own. Yes, we’re eager to satisfy the client – even delight them. But we understood the need and acted to meet it on our client’s terms. In this case, they had an important retailer meeting and needed to have the final piece – the custom merchandising equipment – on-hand to impress the retailer. And they did.

Owning our clients’ urgency is part of what working with Tusco Display delivers. It’s also part of our culture. When we take care of our clients, they can become clients for life. And, in some cases, great friends, too.

Michael Lauber
Tusco Display