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Creating Omnichannel Opportunity with Online Grocery

Online grocery shopping exploded during the early days of the Covid pandemic. Consumers continue to love the convenience and the service is likely here to stay. A June 2021 survey of shoppers by online platform Rosie revealed the 50% of those shopping online do so to save a trip to the store and avoid waiting in line. Most respondents (a whopping 80%) reported plans to continue to order online at the same frequency in the next 12 months.

When consumers aren’t making the trip into the store, how can brands and retailers make the biggest impact on customers?

Connecting at the Pickup Lane

Retailers are having to connect with these pickup shoppers through sample offerings in the consumers’ bags or through eye catching signage and displays in the pickup lane. The impulse buys of the checkout aisle are not available when a shopper is simply pulling in to pick up but a recent piece from Winsight Grocery points out how online shopping helps to increase loyalty by creating an omnichannel customer.

Shoppers who are utilizing online shopping, are also omnichannel shoppers, meaning they are popping into stores to shop as well as completing their regular purchases online. And these shoppers are spending more when purchasing across channels.

Encouraging the Omnichannel Approach

Incentivizing shoppers to give an omnichannel approach a try may be the keep to continuing that push for loyalty. Our local Buehler’s Stores offered a discount code that removed the online order fee and gave a small discount on the first online order for shoppers. Online ordering certainly does not remove the “I need to run in and pick up…” conversation that households have, and the research shows it complements it well. Leading to larger purchases across both channels.

Making the Most of In Store

With that in mind, retailers must catch the eye of grocery shoppers who are making that trip into the store. Impulse buys are a part of the fabric of grocery shopping, and your brand needs to stand out from those around it. Custom displays can make the impact to help turn browsers into buyers when they are on that quick run into the store. Call us at 740-206-8298 to talk to one of our experts to create that standout display for your brand.