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Most brands and retailers sell inanimate objects. Tusco Display markets no puppies, no goldfish, no hydrangea. Instead, our displays and fixtures sell tools & tires, sporting goods & spices, cosmetics & calendars, food & flooring, shoes & services, paint & apparel, baseball bats, ballcaps & bathroom fixtures.
Anecdotally, we know that pet stores that sell kittens find that their “inventory” moves quickly. Why? In part it’s because these animate objects create an emotional connection with shoppers. Meow.
Those connections most often arrive through a shopper’s senses. A sensory connection with a shopper can be tough – but powerful. This is where physical stores have a massive advantage over their online brethren. Retailers and brands can appeal to more of a shopper’s senses. When she touches that towel, a connection happens. When she smells that fruit, she’s emotionally engaged. When she tastes a sample, hears the music or sees the HDTV image, she’s drawn into a relationship with the product. And if she likes what she perceives, she’s more likely to buy.
When we come to her senses, we’re actually in the relationship business, building connections at the point-of-purchase. Move over, Dr Phil.