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Breaking Down the Product Barrier for DIYers

What does product placement offer to the DIYer?

If you’ve taken on a DIY project yourself, you know that preparation is half the journey. A well-designed custom display for building material products can provide a convenient, hands-on experience. This ensures the customer has access to the products they need, without shopping from one end of the store to another. This creates a pleasant, hassle-free in-store experience for your DIY customers. Whether the project is building a new deck, a revamped shed or an outdoor playset, we have your building material display needs covered.

Ways To Display Building Material Products for DIYers

Making multiple trips to the hardware store because you forgot something you need for your project is never fun. That said, displays can be used to keep the tools needed for the job top of mind and organize products by job or most common application.

For example, let’s say a person is planning to build a new deck – there are many materials that need to be purchased, including deck piers, deck ledgers and joists. Our DIYer also need the fasteners, specialty tools, screws and…should they get new work gloves? Do they have that extension cord still? Hm…

When building material products for DIYers are displayed in the same place based on the project, customers will find everything they need at one time. This creates an engaging display that helps DIY customers easily check materials off their list and quickly make their purchase, saving time and eliminating frustration. The customer isn’t the only one to benefit; the custom displays are also representative of your brand, which generates more awareness and builds trust.

Small, necessary items can be displayed alongside bigger purchase items just as easily as they can be added to a POP display. By taking a creative mindset around display graphics, structure and shelving, you can drive greater impromptu sales while saving your customers time and energy.

Tusco is here to create the best DIY customer experience

You can create a five-star customer experience by using custom displays that group building materials together based on the project and allow DIYers to fully interact with the products. Break down the product barrier and contact us here for your custom displays.