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Happy Halloween! According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween has become one of the happiest spending events for US stores, amounting to some $7.4 billion in retail sales. That’s no surprise since 162 million Americans were expected to participate in Halloween festivities this year, including 54 million people planning to hold parties. Heck, the NRF predicted that 23 million people will dress up their pets in costumes – and spend $350 million doing it! There’s no disguising that Halloween is big business.

Standing out from the crowd often influences costume choice – whether for yourself, your family member or your pet. Great displays do too. Brands seek attention in the aisle just as surely as that scary goblin wants to make a splash at your doorstep or the homeowner wants their decorations to stand out in the neighborhood.

If money was no object, you can really attract attention – like these houses did last year. But few marketers can afford to spend so much to attract attention in-store. That’s why clever, effective merchandising includes a clear understanding of budget, schedules and logistics. That great deal on the best costume delivered the day AFTER your Halloween party doesn’t look so great after all. The best display companies deliver on-time every time.