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Black-ish Friday

Have you noticed? Black Friday crept into Thanksgiving Thursday a few years back, shocking some, burdening retail employees while pleasing many shoppers eager to leave dirty dishes and Dallas Cowboys at home. Cyber Monday made its appearance in 2005. Then #GivingTuesday came on the scene in 2012, tugging on our heartstrings to atone for the commercialization and consumerism of post-Thanksgiving.

In a race to attract your attention and gain your business, retailers and brands alike have pushed Black Friday deals out earlier and earlier, many appearing as soon as our calendars turn to November, especially this year with an early US Thanksgiving. Why the rush? Marketers know that those who spend earlier tend to spend more. Those early “deals” may in fact not be as great for shoppers as those that come later, especially the Saturday before Christmas – Dec 22 this year – which will in fact be the biggest retail sales of the year.

And we don’t stop at Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesdays as “Black Friday deals are extended! BlahBlahBlah” and shoppers are encouraged to keep shopping right through to Christmas morning.

Black Friday was a thing when shopping meant really one thing: going to a store. Now, we shop from our bathrobes and our bedrooms, searching for online deals 24/7/365 to have delivered to our doorsteps in a day or two. In fact, e-commerce was up 23.6% on Black Friday alone.

Marketers will keep pushing the boundaries in search of your wallets. Black Friday as it once was no longer exists.