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EMBRACE THE OMNICHANNEL SHOPPER. People gather information from more sources than ever and want to survey the virtual landscape from their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop – and through the unalloyed advice of others. It’s a brave, multi-dimensional world, retailers and brands. Stop obsessing over showrooming and start obsessing over connecting with your shopper.
IMPROVE YOUR ANTENNAE. Consumers aren’t the only ones employing technology; so are your competitors. Big Data is a big competitive advantage to more than the NSA. Are you winning at understanding the big picture? If you’re unsure, you’re losing.
DON’T FEAR CHANGE. The Ron Johnson and JCPdebacle notwithstanding, marketing at retail is an inherently experimental, experiential realm. If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. Test. Analyze. Repeat.
BE AUTHENTIC. Don’t stuff the ballot box and use black hat techniques to influence purchase decisions based on trumped up input. Instead, find ways to genuinely engage shoppers, understand their needs beyond a survey or focus group. You’ll be rewarded with greater loyalty – and results.
SHOP. I’m continually amazed at marketers who spend so little time in the marketplace. Are you in stores every week? If you’re not, no matter what your job is, you’re not doing your job. There’s no substitute for spending time in stores, soaking up the experience, seeing what works and what doesn’t, observing behaviors firsthand.
Do these things and 2014 can be your best year yet.