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When the Times-Reporter reached out to feature Tusco Display in their workforce and labor report this week, we were thrilled. Imagine our excitement when we were contacted by Fox & Friends to appear live on the show Tuesday, January 18.

CEO Mike Lauber and team members Margie Affolter and Brittany Braun spoke with Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends earlier this week. We are proud of the work we do to connect our community with quality manufacturing jobs - whether part-time or full-time. We're thrilled to have shared a bit about our team on the program and how our flexible scheduling creates opportunities for anyone looking to join the workforce - even those who have never considered a career i...

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Tusco Display recently landed the front page of our local newspaper for our creative hiring practices. By partnering with local schools and offering flexible part-time opportunities, Tusco has been able to fill out our staff ranks and continue to produce on-time, on-spec, and on-budget for our clients.

View the article, and photos, on The Times-Reporter's website.

GNADENHUTTEN — Margaret Affolter had never worked in manufacturing before she took a job at Tusco Display in 2021.

The Uhrichsville resident worked in retail, she babysat and she cleaned cabins. She needed a schedule that would work for her and her school-age daughter, so she applied at Tusco.

Affolter now works Monday through Fr...

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2022 Retail Trend Predictions

Predictions abound as 2022 kicks off and retail trends are not immune to speculation. The Covid pandemic continues to loom over retail but very differently from its impact in both 2020 and 2021. 2020 saw closures and bankruptcies, while many retailers were buoyed in 2021 - with bankruptcies down and plans for expansion.

One of the biggest takeaways from the last two years is the need to bolster supply chains, across industries. Retail Dive: Retail News and Trends notes supply chain resilience as one of the top 10 trends to watch in 2022. We've learned, grown, changed, and seen many shifts over the past two years, and the trends to watch this year certainly reflect...

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In-Store Marketing: Holiday Season 2021

Each year, retailers transform their stores to entice consumers as they shop for holiday gifts. Take a look at two of the main trends during this time of yea...

In-Store Marketing for the Holiday Season

In-store marketing during the holiday season can vary based on store type and brand. If able, stores may opt to transform into a holiday wonderland, with Christmas taking over every square inch of the retail location. Displays and their utilization play a huge role in this seasonal shift. We mainly see two types of displays utilized this time of year – corrugated cardboard style temporary displays or permanent fixtures that are updated with signage ...

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Pandemic Buying Habits Here to Stay

Pandemic buying began to impact retailers and consumers heavily in March 2020. Supply chains took a hit as shipping woes began and consumers stocked up on essentials like toilet paper and peanut butter. Overall spending also declined or shifted throughout the pandemic, with a recent AlixPartners survey showing 36% of those surveyed intend to keep spending less than they did pre-pandemic.

Growth of the Intentional Consumer

Consumer confidence continues to climb with vaccine rollouts making them optimistic about the future, but consumers continue to shift and adjust their spending categories to meet pandemic needs. One shift seen over the past two years has bee...

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Dual Sourcing Strategies in 2021

Dual sourcing has become a favored approach for companies looking to navigate today’s supply chain challenges. Also called double sourcing, dual sourcing involves using two suppliers for a product, as opposed to relying on a single resource – or sole sourcing – for manufacturing.

With events like the U.S. China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the supply chain, supplier security has become a high priority. Customer standards have risen with the increase in product availability over the past several years, so it is more important than ever that companies contract out to reliable sources to reduce costs and speed up the product-to-...

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What Should We Know About Reshoring?

Reshoring is the effort of bringing offshore manufacturing back to the U.S. to save on growing shipping costs and ongoing delays at key ocean ports. You may have seen the pictures of coastal cities with large ports with cargo ships stalled on the horizon, unable to gain clearance to dock and unload.

This stall has led to increasingly difficult situations for retailers. Many industries are affected, and some of the slowest shipments are for personal protective equipment (PPE), medical device manufacturing, electronics, and defense.

Not surprisingly, sixty percent of reshoring cases after March 2020 mention the pandemic as a factor in the decisions. Shortening...

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At Tusco Display & Manufacturing, we are excited about the future of modern manufacturing! The industry continues to grow and innovate, as we welcome more creators into the field of manufacturing. On MFG Day 2021, we join with the National Association of Manufacturers in promoting the careers available in manufacturing by welcoming you into our facility to see some of our staff as they make modern manufacturing happen!

Tusco Display - Welcome to MFG Day 2021!

Holiday Shopping In 2021: Short Supply And High Demand

Throughout the pandemic, Tusco Display has been focused on maintaining operations while keeping our teams safe despite uncertainty. Now, over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we can look forward to the end of 2021 looking a lot more “normal.”

With domestic travel restrictions lifted, vaccinations more accessible and more available knowledge about the disease, families are eagerly planning their holiday get-togethers.

Consumer confidence may be growing around mitigating COVID-19 and the delta variant’s effects, but one issue still may delay the holiday cheer – broken supply chains.

Delta’s Impact On In-Store St...

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Retail foot traffic took a hit in 2020. Faced with lockdowns and business closures, retailers saw their in store sales decrease while e-commerce and omnichannel offerings buoyed their performances. Some retailers took risks in announcing innovative partnerships that created demand and new experiences within their stores. Kohl's has been a leader in creating these partnerships in multiple, mutually beneficial ways. From their early work with Amazon to accept returns in store and then offer an instore shopping discount, to their recently implemented Sephora branded shops within their locations, Kohl's is leading the way in changing the game for the instore world.

Driving Foot Traffic

Small scale...

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