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Phygital Shopping: Combining eCommerce with In-Store Shopping

Our world runs on technology. According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans own a cellphone while 85% of those own smartphones. Between COVID and the rise of smart technology, shopping has become a commodity of the digital age. Convenience has always been appealing to shoppers, but they also shop based on their senses. They want to feel items, pick them up and look at them, before considering buying the product.

Thanks to Phygital Shopping, by combining the digital aspect of eCommerce with the physicality of in-store shopping, consumers can enjoy the experience while reaping the rewards of convenience. P2P defines “p...

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Unique Hiring Sets Tusco Apart in Manufacturing

Conversations continue in regards to labor shortages across the country. manufacturing is one industry that has been hit particularly hard by staffing issues, despite offering great wages and benefits across the sector. Some companies, like Tusco Display & Manufacturing, are opting to think outside the box when it comes to hiring and people continue to take notice.

In January, our team was featured nationally on Fox and Friends. Multiple articles have also appeared in local publications touting our approach and we've even featured two of our part-time team members online discussing our part-time flexibility. Knox Pages recently spoke with HR Mana...

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Creating Hiring Flexibility

The labor crisis continues to impact employers around the world and across all industries. A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted interesting statistics around employee roles that are "deskless" and cannot be done remotely. With job openings at an all time high, many workers are seizing the opportunity to leave roles where they are dissatisfied in search of improved factors from better pay to flexibility and appreciation for their work.

Flexibility Through Part-Time

In January, Tusco Display & Manufacturing was featured in a segment of the national news program Fox & Friends. We had the opportunity to introduce the country to our unique hiring practices...

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Happy National Engineers Week! At Tusco Display & Manufacturing, our on staff engineers truly set us apart from others in the display and metal fabrication industries. COO Jason Baker knows the importance of having degreed, professional engineers on staff to serve our clients - Jason earned his engineering degree from Kent State University in 2004. Click the video to hear from him about how our engineers allow us to serve our clients.

Our team isn't just serving our clients, they're also creating opportunities for future engineers. Tusco Display's proximity to Kent State Universatiy Tuscarawas allows us the chance to welcome student engineers into our facility. These students are able to earn...

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In-House Powder Coating creates time and cost savings for a metal fabrication project. It also protects the fabricated piece prior to it ever being shipped. ...

From start to finish, a custom metal fabrication project needs to meet your quality standards while staying on budget and on time. Partnering with a fabricator that features in-house powder coating is one way to tick off these two boxes. From laser cutting to warehousing and distribution, a manufacturer that offers in-house powder-coating creates cost savings throughout the fabrication process.

In-house powder coating immediately saves time, which reduces costs associated with shipping a fabricated piece to a coater. Your project goes...

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When the Times-Reporter reached out to feature Tusco Display in their workforce and labor report this week, we were thrilled. Imagine our excitement when we were contacted by Fox & Friends to appear live on the show Tuesday, January 18.

CEO Mike Lauber and team members Margie Affolter and Brittany Braun spoke with Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends earlier this week. We are proud of the work we do to connect our community with quality manufacturing jobs - whether part-time or full-time. We're thrilled to have shared a bit about our team on the program and how our flexible scheduling creates opportunities for anyone looking to join the workforce - even those who have never considered a career i...

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Tusco Display recently landed the front page of our local newspaper for our creative hiring practices. By partnering with local schools and offering flexible part-time opportunities, Tusco has been able to fill out our staff ranks and continue to produce on-time, on-spec, and on-budget for our clients.

View the article, and photos, on The Times-Reporter's website.

GNADENHUTTEN — Margaret Affolter had never worked in manufacturing before she took a job at Tusco Display in 2021.

The Uhrichsville resident worked in retail, she babysat and she cleaned cabins. She needed a schedule that would work for her and her school-age daughter, so she applied at Tusco.

Affolter now works Monday through Fr...

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2022 Retail Trend Predictions

Predictions abound as 2022 kicks off and retail trends are not immune to speculation. The Covid pandemic continues to loom over retail but very differently from its impact in both 2020 and 2021. 2020 saw closures and bankruptcies, while many retailers were buoyed in 2021 - with bankruptcies down and plans for expansion.

One of the biggest takeaways from the last two years is the need to bolster supply chains, across industries. Retail Dive: Retail News and Trends notes supply chain resilience as one of the top 10 trends to watch in 2022. We've learned, grown, changed, and seen many shifts over the past two years, and the trends to watch this year certainly reflect...

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In-Store Marketing: Holiday Season 2021

Each year, retailers transform their stores to entice consumers as they shop for holiday gifts. Take a look at two of the main trends during this time of yea...

In-Store Marketing for the Holiday Season

In-store marketing during the holiday season can vary based on store type and brand. If able, stores may opt to transform into a holiday wonderland, with Christmas taking over every square inch of the retail location. Displays and their utilization play a huge role in this seasonal shift. We mainly see two types of displays utilized this time of year – corrugated cardboard style temporary displays or permanent fixtures that are updated with signage ...

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Pandemic Buying Habits Here to Stay

Pandemic buying began to impact retailers and consumers heavily in March 2020. Supply chains took a hit as shipping woes began and consumers stocked up on essentials like toilet paper and peanut butter. Overall spending also declined or shifted throughout the pandemic, with a recent AlixPartners survey showing 36% of those surveyed intend to keep spending less than they did pre-pandemic.

Growth of the Intentional Consumer

Consumer confidence continues to climb with vaccine rollouts making them optimistic about the future, but consumers continue to shift and adjust their spending categories to meet pandemic needs. One shift seen over the past two years has bee...

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