Regardless of your industry, brand congruency helps you establish consistency throughout all shopper and consumer touchpoints. From brand introduction to pre-purchasing touchpoints and even the buying event, congruence highlights your brand's authenticity. More importantly, it showcases that you are a company worth doing business with.

Where Does Congruency Start? 

Congruency starts with the advertisement of your brand; more specifically, it starts with your displays. It's at this very touchpoint that you start to build a consumer-brand relationship. And hopefully, you achieve consumer brand loyalty. It has long been known that "creating a unique brand identity is a key issue for brand equity management," and with custom displays, you can reinforce your brand identity in the minds of shoppers. 

A brand congruence strategy that has been carefully tailored to your company's identity enhances the overall buying experience and reinforces your brand as a go-to provider and an industry leader for meeting consumers' specific needs.

When integrating congruency into your  product displays , think about your company from several angles. What are your goals? What values do you hold? What color-scheme is consistent throughout your logo and packaging? All of these aspects need to be integrated into your displays. 

How Can Displays Show Brand Authenticity?

With custom metal or wood displays, you can incorporate elements that showcase your brand's authenticity. It is vital during the beginning phases of operation that you establish certain shapes, colors, and textures that represent your company. It's your products and the tone that you want to set with consumers that will pinpoint which of these style elements to develop for your displays.  If your brand sells baby lotions, for example, then you will want to choose pastel colors, a smooth texture, and a shape that doesn't have blunt edges. On the other hand, if your brand sells bass guitars, you can opt for more bold colors, a rough texture, and edges that are angled and blunt. 

Here’s an example we pulled from our gallery. This M&Ms display was developed to capture attention with bright colors, much like the colorful candies themselves.

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The True Advantages of Custom Display

When you work with a custom display manufacturer, you gain better control of how your product is presented in stores. You can have the displays constructed in the way that makes the best sense for your product. Most importantly, you have an experienced manufacturer in your corner who can provide deep insight regarding display branding and how to best highlight your brand's authenticity within the displays. 

To learn more about the benefits of custom displays and how to establish congruency through signage, contact Tusco Display today and speak with an expert.