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Clicks v Bricks

Do “clicks” now get the same level of respect that “bricks” do among retailers who have both traditional and online retail assets? That’s a question posed by Allison Enright in her Sept 21, 2011 column in InternetRetailer. Frankly, I think that she asks the wrong question.

Whether it’s a catalog or a kiosk, a website or a store aisle, a phone app or a direct-response mailer, they are all THE point of purchase. When a retailer starts parsing sales between channels, their brand and their message can get lost.
Worry less about how shoppers access you. Instead focus more on being the same responsive, enabling purveyor of what shoppers want when and where they want it. That’s point-of-purchase marketing. As shoppers click away in the aisle, the difference between clicks and bricks grows smaller and more irrelevant with each passing day.